We don’t like to brag, but we are improving companies.

The virtual accounter that fights alongside you

At 1-2-Trust we accompany demanding entrepreneurs with taxes and reports that allow them to make successful decisions on time.

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Your business is very important to us

At 1-2-Trust we know that you are passionate about what you do and that getting an accountant for your company is not that easy; that is why we have designed a practical and revolutionary system so that you can keep up with your taxes without headaches.

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You will always have someone close to you to see, know, and understand everything about your business.

Information on time

We deliver your taxes up to 10 days in advance.

Methodology 3E

Work effectively, efficiently, and effectively so that you can make timely decisions.

No more mess

No more piles of sheets on a table or thousands of excel files.


We specialize in minimizing unwanted cost overruns.

Save Money

Forget about notifications, sanctions, warnings, and fines.

How do you want to boost your company?

We create your company and manage it

Constitution of company, statutes, commercial register, legal procedures, book registration, preparation of minutes.

We manage your accounting

Virtualized outsourcing in the correct accounting record of your company, giving you information for making decisions on taxes.

We advise you financially

Follow-up and control of budgeted, executed and projected cash flows, of the business in progress and specific projects.

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Ready! Take the anxiety out of your company's accounting, we'll take care of the rest

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Quality over Quantity

Frequently Asked Questions


Who is responsible for my accounting?

From the first day, you will have the support of 1-2-Trust and, during this period, we will be responsible for any errors that may occur in your accounting.

Is there a way to know how much and when I have to pay taxes?

Yes, our platform has a board which will tell you how much and when is the maximum period in which you must pay taxes you will also have an accounting calendar where you can see the dates of payments, and also we will notify you ten days before the deadline.

How do you guarantee that you do quality work?

We have brand recognition if you get sanctioned by DIAN (although we don't think this will happen to you) and, the mistake is ours 1-2-Trust takes responsibility.

How can I understand the numbers in my business?

Every month you will have a meeting with our expert team, so you can understand what is happening to your company. We will give you advice, support, and improvements to apply to your business.

Is it complicated to communicate with you?

The day we start working together, you will meet our customer support team, who will keep in touch with you every time you need it.

Are there any additional costs I don't know about?

No, the price we negotiate will be the one that remains, no phantom costs.

No more talking. Let's improve your business

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